South African film services that make you look great.

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We hatched in March 2002 and have been specializing in technically complex service production ever since.


Outstanding technical expertise, combined with great logistics, allows us to foster favourable relationships with suppliers and crew. And results in your getting the most bang for your budget.


We have always been a solutions-driven company, recognizing that the success of service production is:
Your project is your baby. We don’t want a custody battle!


Our job is to make you look good. We do the work, you take the credit.


AG Rochas
Andy Lambert
Antione Bardou-Jacquet
Ashley King
Bruce St Clair
Bernd Wondollek
Bjoern Amend
Didier Canaux
Dietrich Mangold
Ekkehart Pollack
Eric Coignoux
Dario Piana

Henry Littlechild
Henry Scholefield
Jeremy Haccoun
Jörn Heitmann
Julien Rambaldi
Les Elvis
Lino Russell
Linus Ewers
Loic Bail & Aurélien Delpoux
Michael Graham
Nam Cao
Nima Norizadeh

Peder Norlund
Peter Dietrich
Peter Truckel
Pierre Rambaldi
Pierre-Yves Gaudillat
Ralph Parsons
Raphael Frydman
Reynald Gresset
Tommaso Berte &
Paolo Borgato
Tom Streithorst

Aaron Denn
Alexander Klingler
Axel Doepner
Amanda Stubbs
Damien Fournier Perret
Carol Gobillot
Florian Zizmann
Florian Sigl
Frank Siegl
Franck Servoz

Fredrik Kiøsterud
Frederick Genest
Gaëlle Delaporte
Gerhard Hegele
Giulia Buffa
Harald Beelte
Henrike Böge
Joachim Muller-Teusler
Jules Dieng
Keeley Pratt

Khalid Tahhar
Michael Sagol
Myriam Bismuth
Nicholas Conradt
Peter Maynard
Stefan Schuh
Robert Leisewitz
Rudi Rämisch
Simone Koch
Sunna Pilz

Arnaud Poitier
Alex Lemarque
Bernd Wondollek
Damien Morisot
David Ungaro
David Quesemand
Eugenio Galli
Eric Dumage
Fabian Hothan

Fraser Taggart
Giulio Biccari
Gordon Spooner
Hans Bjerno
Ian Foster
Laurent Tangy
Marcel Zyskind
Maher Maleh
Nick Sawyer

Niels Boon
Olivier Cariou
Oliver Curtis
Simon Richards
Stefano Morcaldo
Thomas Wildner
Todd Somodevilla
Trevor Forrest

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Bakery Films GmbH
Big Productions
Caviar Content
Channel 4 Creative
Colorada Production

Frenzy Paris
Mad Cow Films
Markenfilm GmbH
Markenfilm Crossing

Next Step Filmproduktion GmbH
Partizan Midi Minuit
R Force Film GmbH
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